The Northeastern University Center for Entrepreneurship Education (NUCEE) offers non-equity grants to students and the wider NU community. These grants are designed to stimulate entrepreneurial exploration across the global Northeastern campus in support of our vibrant entrepreneurship community and the incubation of early stage ventures.

Undergraduate Prototype Fund

The Prototype Fund enables creators to design, build, and test new products and services as they establish the creative concept behind the prototype, the specifications and cost to build it, and the plans for testing it. A successful application will get you $1,500 in non-equity grant funding to bring your great ideas to fruition!

Deadline: Friday January 19th 2024

Amount Eligible:  Up to $1,500

You’re Eligible if:  You are an enrolled undergraduate student at Northeastern University. 

Alpha Fund

The Alpha Fund is an advanced prototype fund designed to support the development of early-stage products, systems, and services. A successful application will get you $5,000 in non-equity grant funding to turn your technical data into a viable proof of concept!

Deadline: Friday May 19th 2023

Amount Eligible:  Up to $5,000

You’re Eligible if:    You are a current student, faculty, staff, or alumni and your proposed prototype incorporates a clear degree of technology intensity. Undergraduates must have previously received the Undergraduate Prototype Fund, iCorp, or the Jelly Fund.

Projects in Emerging Markets

The Srinivasan Family Awards is a twice-annual grant opportunity designed to enable students to conduct research, organize a conference, explore a startup idea, participate in a service project, or pursue an innovative project that addresses a pressing problem in an emerging market.

Deadline: Friday November 17th 2023

Amount Eligible:  $1,000 - 3,000

You’re Eligible if: You’re Eligible If:  You are a current full-time undergraduate or graduate student who will be enrolled at Northeastern University until at least December 2024.

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