The Mosaic Council welcomes applications for both new Mosaic Organizations and the Grant Program. Mosaic Grants are designed to stimulate collaboration across campus in support of Northeastern’s vibrant entrepreneurship community and the incubation of early stage ventures. There are three kinds of Mosaic grants and organizations must first be a member of Mosaic before applying for funding, with exception of the Seed Grant--only provisional membership is required.

NOTE: All grants are currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION. More to come...


All prospective Mosaic organizations must first submit the New Organization Application prior to applying for grant funding.

Deadline: Apply anytime

Amount Eligible:  No monetary grant awarded.

You’re Eligible if:  You are an enrolled student looking to start a new organization with intent to become a part of the Mosaic Network.


Seed Grants are awarded to a group of students who have the serious intent of starting a Mosaic Organization.

Deadline: Apply anytime

Amount Eligible:  Up to $1,000, subject to the availability of funding.

You’re Eligible if:  Your organization has submitted the "New Organization Application" and has been accepted as a Provisional Mosaic Organization.


Venture Incubation Grants are awarded to Mosaic Organizations that offer their services directly to early stage ventures in the Entrepreneurship Community. If your organization has received this fund before, please use the second link.

Deadline: May 30th & November 30th

Amount Eligible:  Up to $15,000, subject to the availability of funding. Historically, first-time awards have been around $5,000.

You’re Eligible If:  You are the leader of a current Mosaic Organization.


Collaboration Grants are awarded to two or more Mosaic Organizations who have planned a project that will benefit the broader Entrepreneurship Community at Northeastern. These collaborations should involve activities focused on the education of entrepreneurial students and/or the incubation of ventures. Such collaborations should harness the expertise, skills, and experiences of more than one organization and thus not be possible for a single organization to execute on its own. Some general examples of acceptable Collaboration Grants proposals are as follows: 

  • a hackathon that addresses specific problems facing a set of early-stage ventures
  • a public resource that all students in Mosaic Organizations can access
  • other collaborative projects that fulfill the aims of the Grant

Please note that Collaboration Grants are not guaranteed and can take up to ten (10) business days to review, submit your application accordingly.

Deadline: Apply anytime

Amount Eligible:  Up to $3,000, subject to the availability of funding.

You’re Eligible if:  You are two or more Mosaic Organizations who have developed a detailed plan for a collaborative project.

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